Innovation as exalted in the fashion industry is work unlike anything done to date or work that’s ahead of its time. There’s ample talent today delivering innovation in that sense.

In my work, that sense of innovation is displaced by another criterion: illumination. I’m not drawn to the pursuit of bold design provocation. What captures my imagination instead is an equally bold challenge: illuminating the origins of beauty.

This illumination ethos is one that’s just beginning to take shape for me. Still young in my career, I find that it’s perhaps the first concept that feels natural, instinctive and universally applicable to my work moving forward. And I’m excited by the endless possibility of still having so far to go to fulfill this ethos.

From a perspective of form, illumination means highlighting natural form rather than altering or disfiguring the natural form or lines of the human figure with aggressive over-design. If innovation in the traditional sense is challenging due to the radical leaps required to achieve it, illumination is challenging in the discipline required to strip layers away to arrive at a simpler essence, a simpler element. Simplicity speaks as layers of thinking and design are stripped away.