This privacy notice regulates how we will treat the data you provide us and those that, for statistical purposes, we collect when you enter and use our sites.

1. From your data

Gustavo Cadille undertakes not to sell, exchange, transfer, share, publish or disseminate to third parties other than Gustavo Cadille , without your authorization, the data you provide us with the registration or contact forms of our site. Your data is yours. The only way we would be forced to disclose your data is by order of a competent authority.

2. From your authorization

By registering to use our sites, you authorize Gustavo Cadille to collect and process the personal data specified in point 5 of this privacy notice for the purposes mentioned in point 4 of this notice. Likewise, your registration constitutes your agreement and acceptance of our privacy notice and any modifications that may eventually have.

3. Of your rights

ARCO (access, rectification, cancellation and opposition) and how to exercise them. At all times, by accessing your account, you can access, rectify or cancel the registration of the data you have provided. In the same way, you will be able to oppose to that your data continue in our base and to leave it of the same. If you have any questions or you can not access your account or your data, please send an email to web@Gustavocadille .com.

4. The use of your information by Gustavo Cadille

The personal information you provide us will be used to:
A) Contact you about matters related to your account.
B) Send you communications about events, promotions or news of Gustavo Cadille or its commercial allies for marketing, advertising or commercial prospecting purposes.
C) Customize your experience in navigating our sites.
D) Facilitate the shopping process through our site.
E) Notify you of any changes in our privacy notice. The purposes indicated in subsections a and e are necessary for the existence, maintenance and fulfillment of the relationship between you, as a user of our sites, and Gustavo Cadille . The purposes indicated in subsections b, c and d are not necessary for the existence, maintenance and fulfillment of the relationship between you, as a user of our sites, and Gustavo Cadille , but they are necessary to improve your experience in relation to our products and services .

5. From the information we collect

The information we collect and whose treatment governs this privacy notice is as follows:
A) For your subscription to the newsletter of our site we collect your email. If you want to subscribe to our newsletter using your Facebook and Gmail username and password, in addition to your email we will collect your username, name and surnames.
B) To contact you regarding any comments or suggestions you make through our contact form, we collect your name, surname and email address.
C) To customize your browsing experience of our site we collect the operating system you use, the browser you visit, the pages and articles you visit within our site, the time you do us favor to stay on our site, the Articles that mark as favorites, the articles you share in a social network using the tool that we provide in each article, IP address, username and password.
D) To facilitate the purchase process through our site we collect your name, surname, address, credit or debit card number, expiration date of your credit or debit card, the verification code of your credit card or Debit, type of credit or debit card and institution issuing your credit or debit card.
E) To send information about events, promotions or news about Gustavo Cadille or our business partners, we collect your email.
F) To notify you of the changes that may occur in our privacy notice we collect your email.

6. Cookies

If you authorize it and the configuration of your machine allows us, we will send a file called “cookie” that will be installed on your hard disk to allow us to identify the preferences that you have selected, in your case, to improve your experience in our site according to the Information mentioned in point c) of point 5 of this privacy notice. None of the information stored in the cookie will be disclosed by Gustavo Cadille . If you do not want to install our cookie or you want to delete the one that has already been installed with your authorization, you must do the following: In order not to let our cookie be installed, you must configure your browser to not accept cookies from the site http: //Gustavocadille .com. To delete the cookie that has been installed with your authorization you must enter your browser preferences, locate the tab or section of administration of cookies and delete the cookie corresponding to the site http: // www. Gustavocadille .com. By deleting or preventing the installation of the “cookie” of our site, you may lose the configuration that you have made to personalize your experience in our site or prevent such personalization.

7. Account Activation

For security reasons, by registering at our site and consenting to the processing of your data according to this privacy notice, you will be sent a verification and validation email that you must confirm in order to conclude your acceptance and registration.

8. Security guarantee

Although Gustavo Cadille uses the most advanced technology to safeguard the data you provide, there is a probability that there may be a defect in the programming of the applications that we use, which allows for forced access to the information. Even when this situation arises, your data is protected by advanced encryption processes that make it impossible to retrieve the information useful by a third party other than Gustavo Cadille . Our guarantee is to do everything reasonably available to protect your data.

9. Information from other sites

You must take into account that the information that you feed in places other than Gustavo Cadille can match the information you have fed or feed on Gustavo Cadille ’s forms. Consequently, you must be aware and responsible for having the same care that you have with your information in the Gustavo Cadille sites, in other places where you browse or feed information of any kind.

10. Changes in policy

Changes to this privacy policy may be made. We suggest you to visit this page frequently to be aware of possible changes or modifications. Do not worry, with everything and changes, your information will be safe with Gustavo Cadille .
In addition, when changes are made to our privacy notice, we will notify you to the email you have registered with us. That way, you will always be aware of the latest version of our privacy notice.

11. Contact and Manager

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy or how we handle the data you provide or collect, please send us a message to the Customer Service Department that is in charge of managing the data collected in our bases. To contact him, just send an email to Our commitment is to answer you within a period of no more than 48 hours, except in the event of an excessive workload, unforeseeable event or force majeure.

12. Identity and conventional address

Your data are treated and protected by Gustavo, NEW YORK CITY, USA.

13. Limits on the use or disclosure of your data

If at any time you wish to limit the use of your data by Gustavo Cadille , for example cancel your subscription to a news list, but you want to continue using the services of the site or receive other type of communications, in the control panel of Your account can select, enable and disable the uses that, according to this privacy notice, you have authorized us. We ask you to wait five business days after the change so that it is reflected. This means that at that time you are likely to continue to receive, on a provisional basis, the communications disabled. In the same way, you can request the limitation in the use of your personal data by sending an email to web@Gustavocadille .com. Please note that by limiting the use of your data, we may not be able to continue to lend you one or more of the services you have requested and for which the data you are using are being limited.

14. Transfer of your data

By accepting this privacy notice, you authorize Gustavo Cadille to transfer the data you provide us or those we collect to your trading partners. At all times, Gustavo Cadille will ensure that its commercial partners know this privacy notice and are obliged to comply with it and respect it. If you wish to revoke this authorization, we ask you to follow the procedure established in point 15 of this privacy notice.

15. Revocation of your consent

At any time, you can revoke the authorization that you have given us for the treatment of your personal data. The way in which you can carry out such revocation of authorization is by requesting it by email to

Please note that by revoking your authorization we may not be able to continue to lend you the services for which we use the data we collect.